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Do you take my insurance? 

Unfortunately, No.  Rise Sports PT is an ''out of network provider."  We pride ourselves on individualized 1 on 1 care, fewer visits, and superior outcomes.  Unfortunately, when it comes to musculoskeletal pain conditions and movement health  insurance companies do not share these same values.  We are able accept payment from HSA and FSA accounts however do not assist in the submission of insurance claims to your insurance company.  Should you wish to file a claim you will be provided the necessary documentation.   

Do I need a referral ? 

No.  South Carolina is considered a direct access state for Physical Therapy services.   This means you do not need a physician's referral to initiate care.

What makes your practice unique? 

 Rise Sports PT is passionate about YOUR individual goals.   Dr. St Clair has been a PT since 2010.  Following completion of his doctor of physical therapy degree he went on to become an Orthopedic Specialist as well as completed a 2 year fellowship.  His dedication to continuing education is driven by his belief that people in pain deserve honest and thoughtful care vs unnecessary passive approaches.   When given the opportunity people want to take ownership of their movement health and when provided the appropriate tools thrive doing so.   The combination of expertise, experience, empowerment and client education are the distinguishing qualities of Rise Sports PT.

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